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NCIS Season 9 + NCIS Los Angeles Season 3 – DVD Announced

Fresh from the studio, the 9th season DVD set of “NCIS” and the 3rd season DVD set of “NCIS Los Angeles” has been announced for release on August 21, 2012. The sets will cost $64.99, and the cover arts is at the bottom!


Pre-order the DVDs from Amazon here:

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NCIS 9×24 “Till Death Do Us Part” Season Finale – Screencaptures

Hi guys,
what an awesome finale. WOW! I´m shocked and flashed at the same time. What do you think about the Season Finale of NCIS? Here are the caps feat . Abby and Ziva. Enjoy (NCISLA will come at weekend, cause I haven´t seen yet).

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NCIS 9×24 “Till Death Do Us Part” Season Finale – Promotional Stills + Scoop on NCIS and NCISLA

Hi guys, here are the Season Finale Stills of NCIS 9×24 “Till Death Do Us Part”. Thanks to NCIS Source. And more from TV Line NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles Scoop. Enjoy

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NCIS | Yes, TV’s most-watched drama has a super-intense, terrorism-themed finale coming up on May 15. But first, this coming Tuesday we must go through with a rite of passage for husband-to-be Jimmy Palmer. How is that going to work? “I have to say, it was a challenge,” series boss Gary Glasberg admits. But thanks to a script by Steve Binder, ” I think we came up with a really interesting way of combining the ticking clock of our terrorist storyline with Jimmy’s upcoming plans – as only NCIS can do.” Of course, Michael Weatherly did tease to me that Abby would be in charge of the stag party – or was the frequent kidder just funning with us? “Abby is absolutely involved, as in theory as Palmer’s best woman,” Glasberg confirms. “And she’s got all kinds of ideas up her sleeve. It definitely provides some lighter moments in the midst of a tense situation for everybody work-wise.”

Source: TV Line


NCIS: Los Angeles | Speaking of lighter fare, NCIS‘ spin-off this Tuesday will find Deeks and Kensi undercover as a married couple living in the suburbs — a set-up that showrunner Shane Brennan says fuels “probably the funniest episode of the 72 we’ve made.” And the timing couldn’t be better. As Brennan notes, “It needed to be lots of fun – because the finale comes in pretty hot.” So, will “husband” or “wife” come away from this ruse most affected? That’s a very good question…,” Brennan starts, before settling on Deeks. “Other people may say Kensi, but there’s a moment – I’m not going to lie, a kiss – and Deeks is that one that’s like, ‘Whoa, what just happened?!’” Might the partners get too cozy in their covers? Sounds like it. Says Brennan with a chuckle, “Hetty has to give them a little chat.”

Source: TV Line

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