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"Deu-me um trabalhão cá chegar!"

Began to shine in national fiction, but it was beyond the boundaries that reached star status. Living in Los Angeles, does not hide the many memories of family and ‘his’ Portugal.

The most important years of my development were spent in Portugal, and this is the place I call my first home. “The statement is Daniela Ruah. The actress was not born in the territory Luso and lived the first five years in his hometown , Boston. He returned to the U.S. in 2007, where he still lives. Without allowing dazzled by the glamor of Hollywood, advances proudly: “I am and will always be Portuguese.” A Portuguese who, “to study, work, effort and luck,” as confessed to the DN itself, has been able to realize the dream of an international career in acting. “He gave me a lot of work to get here!” vented our newspaper.

Sofia Daniela Ruah Korn was born December 2, 1983 in the city of Massachusetts, USA, where her father, Moses Ruah, was chief surgeon at the University Hospital of Otorhinolaryngology. Mudouse to Portugal for five years and joined the St. Julian’s School in Carcavelos. Her mother, Catherine Korn, is a doctor, but specializes in audiology. Watch the operations that Moses was determined that an emergency, even today, feel “a certain fascination with human anatomy and the genius of how we function.”

This is just one of many features that the actress admits having received from the family. Jewish descent, religion appears as “an inheritance”. “Judaism is something that runs in my veins,” she explains. Its name means in Hebrew “God is my judge,” and last name translates, in the same language, “spirit”, “wind” or “breath.” Daniela Ruah a meaning that takes as her and with which one identifies, as she admits, does not like to stay “too long in one place.”

Women with strong personalities and purposes stipulated and is the persistence that dominates her life. “When I have a goal, it is rare not to go after him until he hit it. But I will not relax just because it achieved something. There’s always room for improvement and for new projects” she says. And already at 16 Danielle knew what I wanted. At that time, the “dream was to finish high school, going to London, New York, Hollywood, winning an Oscar …”. If something makes you reconsider not even miss the family. “It’s the only thing that makes me doubt the choices I made,” she acknowledges.

The first break as an actress came exactly at this age, the novel TVI Forbidden Gardens, which was followed by Daughter of the Sea Then aged 18, moved to London, where he attended the course in Performing Arts in Metropolitan University. Five years later, she returned to novels, in Portugal, I gave you almost everything. Also in 2005, ventured into the presentation by giving a face Cinebox film magazine. After being the protagonist of You and I (2006-2007), her last novel, and have won the contest RTP1 Dance, she moved to New York, USA, to study representation at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute .

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