Hey! Will we be seeing more about Abby being adopted this season of NCIS? Thanks! :) — Kim
Could-be. While no specifics are available, EP Gary Glasberg assured me when we chatted that there is definitely an Abby-centric story in the works. “We’re working on some story ideas right now,” he says. “We’re trying to figure out how to patch in Abby and her family again, so we’re working on that.” The luxury of having an audience that has stuck around so long, he adds, is that many stories can be left to develop organically, without feeling rushed. “I’ve worked on a lot of television shows now, and one of the extraordinary elements of this program is that you can step away from a storyline for quite a while and then, literally, because fans are so attached to these characters and what’s going on with them, keep things alive by using a recap at the beginning of an episode or just by throwing in a line of dialogue here or there throughout the season. Viewers are very accepting of that. That’s not true of all television shows.”

As someone who doesn’t want *any* intra-team romances on NCIS, I was disappointed with “Housekeeping.” Do you have any teasers for those of us who want the show to be about the team, and not about romances? Thanks — Lisa
Every episode, in a way, is a team effort. But look for some particularly good group-fare after the Gibbs-centric 200th episode. “We’ve got some really strong team-oriented storylines coming up,” says Glasberg. “I’m staring at my board on the wall, and certainly a few of them have everyone working together. Keep watching and hopefully people will get what they’re looking for.” What a guy!

Will we see Eli David anytime soon? — Maddie
Could-be. But no plans yet. “I would imagine at some point down the road we will have him again,” Glasberg says.

Source: EW

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